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spring 2022 agenda

Final Project due Tuesday, May 10th at 8PM;
for in-class presentation and discussion on Thursday, May 12th.

Create an interactive web page using Python with basic HTML and CSS.

It should meet the following requirements:

  1. technical requirements to be decided after next week...

Remember that one objective of this course is to use hands-on engagement with the development of software as a way to help you develop a deeper understanding of what software is, what it does, and how it does. Thus, one of the primary goals of this project is to create a software project that helps you think about this.

In other words, a goal of the project is to create something that fits this tool: something that is necessarily a hand-coded software project. Don't try to implement something with Processing that would be better done with Adobe Premiere, or Excel, or Photoshop, or a simple web page.


  1. Initial planning, 3 parts. Due Wednesday, April 28th, 8pm..

    1. Write-up. (150-250 words.) Describe which option you are choosing and why. Explain what the project will do.

    2. Mockups. In any medium you choose (paper, Photoshop, Illustrator, or something else) create sketches, diagrams, mockups or schematics that illustrate something about what you are trying to achieve. Create at least 3. Write a few sentences / captions to explain what these are and how they will function.

    3. Pseudocode. Try to write an outline of your program. What are the main functional areas? Try to identify some specific functions that you will need to implement. Try to include a list of variables that you think you will need. Try to include details about specific pieces of logic that will be needed.

    Upload this to your Google Drive folder in a new folder called "Final concept".

  2. Week 14 (May 5) will be dedicated to in-class project work, with as much time for one-on-one help as possible.

  3. Presentation and discussion. Thursday, May 12th

    Projects are due on a Tuesday to give me time to review each person's project before our in-class project discussion on that Thursday.

    Upload your project folder into the FINAL_PROJECTS folder in our Google Drive. Your folder name should have the following naming convention: FIRSTNAME_NAME_OF_PROJECT.

    I will also assign each of you as a "reviewer" for one person. You will be asked to pay closer attention to your "reviewee's" project, and to lead the discussion about it in class, by posing a discussion question about the project for the reviewee and the class to consider.

    For our class discussion you will have 8 minutes each. Please make 2-4 slides and submit them to me as described below. Then run your code and show us a demo. You will be able to do this all from my computer (connected to main projector). You can use the following as a guide:

    1. Title and brief summary / intro. (3-5 sentences.) Tell us which option you chose and what your goal was for your project.

    2. Context of demo. Tell us what we are about to see. Is this a fully-functional version? Did you only have time to imeplement a piece of what you initially set out to do? If so, what piece is this and how does it fit into your broader goals?

    3. Technical achievement. Share at least one specific part of your project in some technical detail. It can be a loop, a conditional, an array, a function, or something else. What is the piece of code that you feel most proud or excited to have gotten working? Perhaps you want to include a bit of code on this slide and talk us through it.

    4. Future work and questions. With more time, what would you do? What kind of feedback from the class would be helpful? Are you thinking about trying to continue this project into the final? If so, in what direction?

    Run your code!

    Please include a comment at the top of your HTML file with:

    Your name
    Course title & semester
    Project title and date

    Your code should also include many comments throughout, explaining what various parts are doing.

    Upload your presentation as a PDF, along with your sketch directory to your Google Drive folder in a new folder called "Final".