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spring 2022

Course tools & platforms

Student Google Drive
This where you will submit your weekly homeworks and projects. You should have edit access to your folder, and view-only access to everything else.

Reading response Google Doc
Inside the Student Google Drive folder is a Google Doc where you can put all your readings responses for the semester. I'm including a link to it here as a shortcut. That doc includes instructions at the top for how to use it.

The Processing project website, processing.org
The official website of the Processing project. This contains much information about the Processing project, including links to additional tools, frequently asked questions, example projects, and ways to interact with the Processing community.

The Processing Development Environment (PDE)
We will spend most of our time in this class coding within this environment. It is a helpful tool that makes it very easy to run and debug your code. You can download it here. And I have created some instructions (PDF) to walk you the process of downloading and installing.

The reference documentation for Processing Python
Probably the most important and useful part of that site for you will be the official reference documentation. [Note: Make sure that you are looking at the Python version of this, and not the Java version.] This is the definitive list of all commands that you have at your disposal. It is an exhaustive list of the fundamental building blocks of the Processing language. It is like a cross between a dictionary and an instruction manual. Even seasoned programmers refer back to this frequently in their work. Please bookmark this URL and refer to it frequently.

Official Python documentation website
This is like the Processing reference but for the Python programming language. The "Tutorial" and "Language Reference" sections will be useful for learning and reminding yourself about Python syntax. The "Library Reference" will be useful for things like data structures, which we will get to later in the semester. [Please note that this is for vesion 2.7 of Python. A newer version of Python has been releated (Python 3), but Processing works with Python 2 so that is what we'll be using to start.]

GitHub and GitHub Gists
These are extremely useful tools for saving and managing source code projects. We will be using Gists this semester for communication about your bugs and syntax questions. Explanation of that is in our website's Help section. More information about using Git will be provided later in the semester.