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spring 2022 agenda

Week 1 — Homework assignment

Due: Wednesday, Feburary 2nd by 8pm

  1. Review this week's lecture notes.
  2. Download and install the Processing PDE, if you have not yet done so. Instructions are here (PDF) . Make sure to download 3.5.4!!!
  3. Create a sketch on paper.
  4. Drawing with numbers. Approximate some x,y points on your drawing, or maybe approximate some grid lines. If you are on Mac, you can use the screencapture utility to "measure" pixel values. Using some of the various Processing draw primitives, create a sketch in Processing that creates your drawing. See processing.org/reference for more help on other types of shapes, known as "2D Primitives".
  5. Raster images. Based on the example at the end of this week's lecture notes add one (or more) image files to your sketch, and in your code create an image and draw it to the screen using image(). Review the reference on creating and loading images with PImage, loadImage(), and image().
  6. Visit the asking for help page, read the instructions there, create a GitHub account, and post a Gist to send to me. If you don't actually have a coding question, that's fine — you can just post a Gist of the code you're working on. I just want everyone to get comfortable using this.
  7. Save your work as "homework_1_yourfirstname" (please use this naming scheme exactly for weekly assignments to help me find your work throughout the semester), and upload the entire sketch folder to your folder in the Student Google Drive.