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spring 2022 agenda

Week 7 — Homework assignment

Due: Wednesday, March 23rd by 8pm

  1. Complete the readings: "Data Visualization", from Matthew Fuller's Software Studies: A Lexicon


    Catherine D'Ignazio and Lauren Klein, "Unicorns, Janitors, Ninjas, Wizards, and Rock Stars."

    Both are in our shared Google Drive.
  2. Expand on the in-class example to create a herd of "creatures".

    Start with the code snippet from the class notes (list.pyde) that has x, y, size, and color for each square.

    Add at least two more lists that modify how these things appear or behave. You could use these for the x and y direction so that each square has a direction and bounces off walls or each other.

    Can you make this interactive? Try to a mousePressed() block, and inside check if the user has clicked on a creature (maybe use dist()). If so, change some property of that creature so it looks different.
  3. Continue working on your midterm. When we get back from the break we will spend the entire class working on our projects. Come to class preprared to work on your code.

    If you are doing the data viz option, you can see an example of how to import spreadsheet data into Processing in our shared google drive. You can follow along with this example further here.