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spring 2022 agenda

LCOD 2012, Section A (CRN: 11910)

Thursday, 4:00-6:40pm

Instructor: Emma Rae Bruml Norton

Location: Room 703, but the first two weeks on Zoom :-(


Office hours:

Before class for 20 minutes, and by appointment — email me to schedule: nortone[at]newschool[dot]edu

Course Description:

This course provides a basic introduction to coding for students with no prior experience using the Python computer language. It will introduce the use of computing and algorithms to web design, data analysis and visualization, and game design. Students will complete integrative projects within each of these areas, and leave the class with a strong foundation in the use of Python across a range of applications. Access to a working laptop will be expected throughout the semester. This course fulfills the Integrative Course requirement of the Culture and Media major.